Coaching & Clinics

Kirsty Panneton – Level III International Passport Coach, specializing in dressage, eventing and working equitation.

Kirsty has ridden to GP in dressage and Prelim level in eventing with a variety of horses also bringing solid competition experience to her coaching both for competition and recreational riders wanting to improve their technique and understanding of the horse / rider partnership in order to improve performance.

We have a full set of show jumps and working equitation obstacles available for students use.

Kirsty works primarily with clients that have their own horse but will consider making a school horse available to compatible riders. Please contact Kirsty personally to discuss this option.


Coaching Rates:

Private Lesson 45 mins $65 (mileage added for off-site coaching)
Semi-Private Lesson (2 people) 1 hr $50.00 (each) (mileage added for off-site coaching)
Group Lesson (3-4 people) 1 hr $45.00 (each) (mileage added for off-site coaching)

Clinic Rates:

A rate of $70.00 per person, with a minimum of 8 riders per day applies, plus travel expenses where applicable. Please book as early as possible to ensure you get your required dates.


Travel cost will be added to all rates for off-site coaching and clinics.

All coaching and clinic pricing is inclusive of tax.

Training Rates:

Because we are a smaller barn, we are able to give our personal attention to every horse on the farm and do most of the day to day work ourselves.

As we do not have an indoor riding facility at the present time, horses are only taken for training from 01 April to 30 November.

Full Training           5 days per week                $1100.00 plus GST  (includes pasture board)

Part Training          3 days per week                $900.00 plus GST    (includes pasture board)